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1.1 “Website” means EssayWriterHelp.net
1.2 “Customer” and “You” refers to a person who submits the order or registration form.
1.3 “Company” means FR Limited.
1.4 “Product” is a written order of a doc., ppt., or xls, format, delivered to the Customer according to Customer requirements.
1.5 “Order” is a form submitted by the Customer to Website. Order includes all specific requirements of the Customer regarding Product.
By submitting an Order form and making a payment, you are buying the Product for your individual and non-commercial use only. All Products are produced by professional freelance writers. All copyrights belong to the Company.
More information can be found on “About Us” page of our website. It is customer’s obligation to read and agree with all Terms and Conditions as well as to read “About Us” page before submitting the order form.
Please note that Customers who make their first order may be asked to verify their Order over the phone. All contact details must me correct, otherwise the Company reserves a right to cancel the Order.
The Company can make refunds on Products according to “Money Back Guarantee” page on our Website. Please read it carefully prior to submitting the Order form. If the Customer lives in the EU then refunds will be made excluding VAT. VAT is non-refundable. Also keep in mind that Extras cannot be refunded. Please read our Money Back Guarantee for more information.
Copyright and Personal Use
The Products Company delivers to Customers are completely original. The Company retains the copyright to the Products and Services delivered to Customers. Products and other materials available from our website can only be used for personal and non-commercial benefits. You shall not publish, display, distribute, transfer or exploit the Products or other materials without a prior approval of the Company. You shall also defend and keep harmless the Company by avoiding any unauthorized use you may make of any Products and materials received from this Website. Any unauthorized use of Products and other materials received from our Website may make you a subject to criminal or civil penalties.
Company has a right to cancel an agreement with anyone who tries to pass us Plagiarized material for editing or proofreading. You also agree that any Product and material purchased from our website may not be distributed or passed to any third parties for payment or any other purpose. Please note that if the Company suspect you in ignorance of the terms stated in this paragraph, it has a right to refuse to supply any further Products to you and may make you a subject to criminal or civil penalties.
You are not allowed to put your name on the delivered product. All Products and materials delivered to you by the Company are for research and reference only. We do not take part in plagiarism or any other ways of academic fraud. We emphatically stick to and maintain all copyright laws and won't intentionally permit any Customer to submit counterfeiting or abuse copyright laws. Any Product or material produced and delivered to you is given just as an example for research use only. Any ideas or text that you borrow must be correctly referenced.
Company is not responsible for any unethical, inappropriate or illegal use of the Products or materials received from EssayWriterHelp.net. This includes poor grading, expulsion, suspension, any academic offense, plagiarism, failures, loss of grants/scholarships/awards/positions or any other legal or disciplinary actions. Customer is the only person who is responsible for unethical or illegal use of the Products supplied by our Company.
We allow plagiarism level below 10%. If plagiarism level is higher, Customer has a right to ask for revision or a refund according to our Money Back Guarantee. We always recommend our Customers to read additional materials such as “How it works”, “Money Back Guarantee”, Revision Policy”. Note that references, bibliography, frequently used phrases are not regarded as plagiarism, and will not be included in the final plagiarism level calculation.
As stated before, we guarantee that the plagiarism level of Product is lower than 10%.
We cannot guarantee our Customers any Particular grade, and Customers are not in title to ask for a refund in cases of unsatisfactory grade.
Ordering process
All information collected during ordering process, free inquiry process, registration process as well as your personal details will on no circumstances be disclosed to any third parties. For more information, please see “Privacy Policy”.
Your email will only be used to send you information regarding your Order or important stages like registration, order completion or urgent information requests. Your personal phone number will only be used for very important notifications. In order for your account to be activated, you will have to verify both, your email as well as phone number. If you decide to choose our Top priority customer service option, we might also send you SMS notifications confirming stages of your Order.
During the second step or ordering process you will have a chance to choose four extras: Preferred Writer, TOP priority customer service, Abstract page and Plagiarism report.

Preferred Writer. Any writer option is free of charge. Option “Top Writer” will assign one of our most experienced writers to complete your task. This option will cost extra. Please see “Prices” page for more details. The last option is “My Previous writer”, it is free of charge if this writer is not in our Top Writers list. If your previous writer is not available, we will notify you regarding possible options.
Top Priority Customer service. Choosing this option will give your order a priority. Order will not have to queue, and all messages will be answered instantly. You will also get SMS messages regarding your order. More information on prices could be found in “Prices” page.
Plagiarism report. If you choose this extra, you will receive a detailed report after you approve the Product. Price is stated in “Prices” page.
After you fill out the Order form we will have all necessary information to produce a Product of the high quality. Deadline countdown will start after the payment was made. All payment details are securely transmitted and encrypted.
Prices are stated on “Prices” page of our website. Please note that VAT is not included in prices. Customers from the EU will be charged VAT. We remind you that VAT, Discounts and Extras are non-refundable.
If a Customer requests a type of work that is not classified in our Order form, then our Customer support team will contact you to discuss their proposed price.
We require all payments to be made in advance. Please read more on our “Money Back Guarantee” page.
Product Delivery
Upon completion, a Product will be available in a preview format in Customers’ personal account. If the Customer is satisfied with the work, he/she can press Approve button and instantly get a doc., format work for a download, or request a Product to be sent to his/her email.
After the “Approve” button is pressed, Customer will have a right to request a revision of Product within 7 days from that point. Please find more information on our “Revision policy” page. Refunds will not be allowed after the “Approve” button is pressed.
If a Company fails to deliver a Product before the deadline, then Customer will be entitled to receive a refund. For more information, read “Money Back Guarantee”.
The Company is not responsible for a missed deadline in case of technical problems caused by Customer.
Please note that you have 7 days to approve the Product. The countdown starts automatically after the preview version is uploaded to customers’ personal account. If there is no response before two weeks run out, then order will automatically be approved.
After order approval, you will have a chance to fill our survey. It is made to improve the quality of our services.
Free revisions.
Free revisions are allowed, and stated on “Revision Policy” page of our website.
Privacy and Security
We on no circumstances share nor sell personal details that we collect from our customers. We don’t store your credit card information.
Please find more information about privacy on our “Privacy Policy” page.
All information/ideas used from Product must be cited in a proper way.
All Products are produced only as examples for research or reference.
All Products were produced by our professional freelance writers, who have transferred all rights and ownership to our Company.
You agree that this website is procuring payment for the time and exertion that goes into gathering, arranging, amending, altering, posting, and delivering these reference materials and the maintenance, organization and promotion of this website for instructive access.
You may not reproduce, sell, publish, and distribute Products produced by the Company without prior agreement from us.
All ideas should be properly cited and referenced.
By submitting an Order form you approve that you have read, understood and agree with all statements in this section.
Limitation of Liability
You agree to discharge and hold the Company and its workers, officers, chiefs, shareholders, operators, agents, offshoots, subsidiaries, promoting, advancement and satisfaction organizations, any outsider providers or sources of data or information and legal advisers (the "Company’s Members") safe from any losses, harms, rights, claims, and activities of any sort emerging from or identified with the Products, including but not limited to: (a) phone, electronic, software and hardware, network, email, Internet, or machine glitches, failures or troubles of any sort; (b) failed, not finished or postponed computer transmissions; (c) any condition brought about by occasions outside the ability to control of the Company that may cause the Product to be delayed or ruined; (d) any damages, losses or harms of any sort emerging regarding or as an aftereffect of using our services; or (e) any printing or typographical mistypes in any materials connected with our services. You also agree to defend, indemnify, and keep the Company and Company's Associates harmless from any claim, suit or demand, lawyer's expenses made by an outsider because of the use of our services. Your violation of these Terms and Conditions, rights of third parties or any other act or omission made by you.
Company on no occasion is responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages caused by or somehow connected with the use of EssayWriterHelp.net. In case you live in states or jurisdictions that do not allow the exclusion or incidental harm, then limitations stated in this paragraph may not apply to you.
You understand and agree that the Company has a right to make amendments to these Terms and Conditions. We kindly recommend you to check changes from time to time.
Last Update 07/12/2018